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Saunas Moscow and St. Petersburg....

Attention all banshhik Moscow and St. Petersburg!Presenting to you the site is dedicated to banyam and sauna these cities.


Absurd from Guinness World Record...

Thousands of people in the world dream of luster to himself and his place of residence. Often, their desire to look simply ridiculous ...However, their «five minutes of fame» they already have won ...

French Michel Lotito burst with glass and metal from 1959 to 2007 ... 18 bicycles, 15 supermarket carts from 7 TVs, 6 candelabra, two beds, a pair of skis, Low calorific Cessna airplane and the computer.According to him, he once ate coffin.This paradoxical case was here ... And went there - Sets Guinness World Record ...

A record number of revolutions per minute, with a torsion on the floppy Drill - 141 turnover.

The most difficult record for the sword-swallower. DeWALT D25980 - перфоратор, 38 кг. DeWALT D25980 - drill, 38 kg.
Briton Thomas Blektorn kept his mouth three seconds in vklyuchennnom condition.

Leslie Tipton (USA) fastest in the world selected from buckling up on the zipper suitcase - for 7.04 seconds.

The fastest of all 10-metrovku with a table and the girl's teeth went Georges Christen of Luxembourg - 7.5 seconds.

American Kevin Shelley Breaks head 46 wooden toilet seats.

In korsete waist 71-year-old Katie Jang from the U.S. - 15 inch (38.1 cm).Without the corset - 21 inch (53.3 cm).In 38 years, it is a special zone.
But before she was tolstuhoy from around the waist in 66 see

It is an unusual record set this summer Pakistani Zafar Gill: he raised shestidesyatikilogrammovuyu weight in the cord, tied to the right ear.Gill kept the goods within 7 seconds in the 10 cm from the floor. Sam Zafar weighs 90 kilograms, trains every day and it assures that his peculiar hobby, which he calls iarlifting (for England. «Ear-lifting» - «lifting ear»), absolutely no influence on his ear.

Thomas Vogel of Germany for one minute and fifty-six managed unfastened brassiere.

Holder of the longest female beard is an American Vivian Viler. It was collected in its tail, because most long hair reaching 28 centimeters in length.


Beautiful pencil drawings.....

Beautiful pencil drawings of people famous and not so.


Unbelievable Miracle Of Combined Liposuction And Abdominoplasty..

He is proud to be lost without the help of operations and pillbox ...Set himself the task - and met ...You ask, as a man with the iron will be able to bring themselves up to such a state?

This guy's name is David Smith.True or false, this name prokatilos like thunder on American television channels, and all began in July 2003.By that time he already weighed 268 kilograms and barely held without assistance of 200 meters ..By his own admission, he was close to despair ...As David said, he left three out - to commit an act of self-immolation, to lie under the surgeons knife and transfer the operation of the operation, or try to lose weight by traditional methods.

You ask why such a simple idea did not come to mind David before? The point is that a child suffering from weight-old boy was the same heavily tied to the mother, who in 2001 died of cancer.After her death, David was in a terrible psychological state, and compensate for the loss of such traditional means as overeating.He consumed up to 30,000 kilocalories per day, which in itself is as monstrous figure ...Thus, at the age of 26 years, he barely took place without assistance of 200 meters.It was then that he decided to start life anew.He told his story to a television channel, and marathon started his sports ..! In four years with the help of physical exercises David skinul 186 kilograms!He now weighs less than 100.

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