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Home-air balloons. Review of inflatable architecture

Followed by handhelds and mobile phones, TVs and players - to the portable furniture and even buildings. Today, we live here in the wilderness, among the grasses and ears. And tomorrow will move to the mountains, where the clean, fragrant air and rapidly clear the stream. And will move with all his stuff, including a roof over your head. And that, it's very simple, if you have a car and an inflatable house into the bargain. And in today's review - the most interesting examples of inflatable architecture.


Golden Kelly Osbourne

A month ago, we enthusiastically beheld photo Kelly Osbourne before and after weight loss. The results - staggering:) Personally, I still do not quite understand how she managed to so dramatically change the image the better.
Now , thinner and prettier Kelly Osbourne has decided to demonstrate the charms of her new figure.The singer co-starred in a candid photo shoot,where her body is covered with only a luxurious gold paint and small panties.


Funny meerkats

Cool art with suricate.

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