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Carnival prankster in Germany...

Carnival prankster in Germany...


Australian bequeathed his skin ...!/Amazing Photos

65-year-old Geoff Ostling bequeathed after his death his skin, covered from head to toe tattoos, the National Gallery in Canberra. In the exterior of 65-year-old Australian Geoff Ostlinga there is nothing strange: normal Puzata muzhichok with Barodka. But everything changes when Jeff takes his clothes. The point is that under the jacket and trousers, all his body is the one big picture - it is 90 per cent is covered by a layer of colorful tattoos.
The first picture is indelibly on the body of an Australian man about 20 years ago, in those years he met with the director of a large company, which is from the neck to the heels were covered with scenes from ancient Greek and Roman mythology.
Ostlingu seen so pleased that he decided to create something similar with her own body. Of course, Jeff has chosen a different theme. Flowers. He decided to draw on your body the most beautiful plants Sydney Botanical Gardens, a work commissioned a renowned tattoo master nicknamed AIX de Mercy.
More than 15 years, artist worked over the body of Jeff, and this time his pupil has become the real work of art. Jeff went into the taste so much that organized the "botanical garden" even in the sexual organs as well as additions made a piercing on grudi.Uchitel not just thinking about approaching old age and then death. In the end, he realized that it wants to preserve its beautiful tattoo for posterity, enter this way into the history of world tattoo culture.
It says the Australian publication The Daily Telegraph, Jeff Ostlinga According bequest after his death, nothing is lost - all the skin will be removed experienced taxidermist and museum will be exhibited in Canberra, and the internal organs will be able to pick up the hospital and the transplant of sick people.



The adult bird
The value of Hummingbird (Trochilidae) varies quite widely: some growth in small size, others no more than bumblebee.The body is usually stretched, or it seems so because the tail is almost always a long, beak subulate, sometimes equal to the length of the torso, or even longer than his legs Kolibri unusually small and delicate, extremely sharp claws and thin, narrow wings, long, bent in a sickle .

Nestlings nest!
Humming-bird, with young hatching some goals, and blind, and so helpless that they can barely open the beak, that parents brought food, a few days they are covered with gray gun, and later grow feather on the upper part of the body.

Monsters - a terrible and funny ..

Monsters - a terrible and funny ..

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