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The Effects of Body Odor on the Human Brain and Body

 "Ew! What's that smell? "How many times have you said that? How many moments have you also had where a smell can take you back to a special memory embedded in your brain? Scent is a strong, yet subtle motivation among human beings and in this article, we will discover more about odors and smells and how they affect us.
Our bodies produce pheromones, natural chemical scents that help us communicate with others that are nearby. Yes, communicate. Before the days of perfume, deodorant, soap and anything that covers our natural body odor besides the simple task of taking showers constantly, our pheromones were a huge part of how we communicated with one another. We still do, however, the connection may not be as strong as it once was because of all the other scents masking our natural odors.


Creative Uses of Doors in Advertising

To convey a message it is very important to know “How” to reach your target audience. In these advertisements you will see how the agencies are using elevator doors, restaurant doors and other shopping mall doors to reach their target audience.
Superman, The Movie: Elevator


Drunk Snowman

Natasha Poly in prints and a new color

V Magazine photo shoot released Vanderperre Willy (Willy Vanderperre) with a transformation of Natasha Poly (Natasha Poly). In this photo shoot model in addition to starring wear Versace, Christopher Kane, Celine, Jil Sander, Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere, Miu Miu, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Giorgio Armani and Prada. The good old blonde Natasha, who will not spoil the furrow, where are you? Replaced the blonde came to a dark chestnut hair color. In my opinion, for it can not see most of Natasha. And what you like about Paulie: a white or black?

Illustrator Fran Recacha

Rekacha Fran (Fran Recacha) was born in Barcelona in 1976. He graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona. In his illustration combines images of mythical and fairy-tale characters with images of the modern world.


Graffiti Castle in Scotland

Kelburn castle is prominently located on the west coast of Scotland, 35 miles west of Glasgow, overlooking the sea. Parts of the building are in need of repair, but funds have recently been secured to begin an extensive restoration, that includes the removal of the external render, allowing the opportunity to use the present surface as a vast temporary canvas. This has inspired the idea for this once in a lifetime project and an opportunity to be part of a truly unique and original event that has world wide media potential. It is thought to be the oldest castle in Scotland to have been continuously inhabited by the same family.


Armies of Trash People Invade the World's Cities

 NEW YORK, 2008
“We produce trash, are born from trash, and will turn back into trash" is a famous saying by great artist HA Schult. Yes, the great action artist HA Schult is particularly radical! His incredible work, the army of 1000 ‘Trash People’ are the life-sized people, made out of junk and waste materials such as crushed cans and electronic waste. These "Trash People" have travelled the world as a "now time expression" with the most important spots visited being the Pyramids of Giza (2002), Antarctica (2008) and even the Great Wall of China (2001).

Cong Langui – China’s One Legged Chalk Art Master

Cong Langui is a talented Chinese chalk artist who travels across the country creating amazing artworks that make people stop in their tracks and stare in amazement.
Cong may not be the only talented chalk artist in the world, but the hardships he has had to cope with throughout his life, make him stand out as a truly impressive person. He was born in the Linyi countryside, Shandong, and was diagnosed with bone cancer, when he was just 16 years old, and had his left leg amputated. It was a terrible blow for a young man, but he found comfort in painting, and started making replicas of world-renown artworks, every day.
At the age of 21, Cong Langui left his home and began traveling from city to city, living off his amazing chalk paintings. Now at age 48, the artist says he’s been to every one of China’s provinces, except Tibet and Xinjiang. Life was never easy for Cong, especially with only one leg, but by painting chalk masterpieces on city streets, he’s always made enough money to get by and keep traveling. Always hungry for cultural knowledge, the one legged artist would visit the art museum of every city he traveled to, in order to improve his cultural accomplishment and level of chalk drawing.
Every one of his chalk artworks takes hours to complete, but Cong feels that his pastel technique is of relatively low difficulty, and his biggest dream is to study painting in oil, watercolor and ink. Well versed in the art of chalk drawing (he has drawn Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” more than 300 times), Cong feels the need for a new challenge.
After the earthquake of Sichuan, even though he could barely afford to survive, Cong Langui insisted that all the money people gave him, for his amazing street art, be donated to the Hubei Red Cross.


Hand-Knitted Home Raises Charity

 A compact 140 sq ft Gingerbread House constructed with millions of stitches is presently on its tour to UK. The house has managed to earn around $40,000 for charity. Featured above this house doesn’t look less than an installed masterpiece inviting eyeballs and the credit for this goes to its woven furniture and household goods viz. bed, dresser, chairs, pictures and tables.

18 Best Picks of Digital Painting From Deviant Art

Deviant Art is an amazing artwork Gallery. Artistic community involvement has made this gallery Beautiful. Deviant Team has taken best Painting Art series around 2010. These are pure perfection and a must see for any aspiring digital painter.


Amazing Portraits Created from Recycled Newspapers

 Art comes in many wonderful forms and we all applaud loudly when the medium involved represents the environmentally friendly practice of recycling. Such 'green' art has an extra appeal, and some astounding artists have learned to put this to excellent use. We are fortunate indeed to bear witness to the fruits of their talent and often artworks that really make you smile.
Gugger Petter is a Danish artist, born in 1949, who left Denmark in 1970 heading for Italy in pursuit of her artistic dream. From there, she moved on to Mexico for ten years, then Belgium for three more, before electing to move to the USA in 1986. Whilst in Belgium, she was producing pieces of work for museum exhibitions. She studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome in the early seventies, and her work can be found in collections from the White House to the Danish Embassy in Mexico City. Here, she created large wall textile installations, mostly for corporate clients or private collectors.

Your own private mini-pumpkin jack O'lantern army

 One of our favorite low tech halloween decorations is a (tiny) army of mini jack o'lanterns. Here's how to carve your own.


Flying Dinosaurs: Fact or Fiction?

 Pterosaurs are ferocious flying dinosaurs thought to be extinct for 65 million years. Physical evidence provided gigantic nesting sites in some of the mountainous cliff areas of Papua New Guinea. The natives were reported as being fearful of the animals, given their eyewitness accounts. The animals were described as being large in diameter, having bat-like wings connecting to an elongated beak. There were reports of razor sharp teeth and claws and a lengthy whip-like tail with a split or flange at the end. 

World's Smallest Things

World’s smallest gun that fires deadly 270mph bullets
The SwissMiniGun is the size of a key fob but fires tiny 270mph bullets powerful enough to kill at close range.
Officially the world’s smallest working revolver, the gun is being marketed as a collector’s item and measures just 2.16 inches long (5.5cm). It can fire real 4.53 bullets up to a range of 367ft (112m).
The stainless steel gun costs £3,000 although the manufacturers also produce extravagant, made-to-order versions made out of 18-carat gold with customised diamond studs which sell for up to £30,000. 

Mind-Blowing Embroidered Portraits by Daniel Kornrumpf

We’ve featured some truly magnificent pieces of embroidery on Oddity Central, but Daniel Kornrumpf’s intricate portrait are simply breathtaking.
A true master with the needle, Philadelphia-based artist Daniel Kornrumpf creates extraordinary embroidered portraits that look a lot like real paintings. Even more surprising is the size of these amazing artworks. While they may look like giant paintings, in the close-up photos, in reality they are smallish creations, set against a large white background.
Just like the brown tape paintings of Mark Khaisman or the collage paintings of Megan Coyle, Daniel Kornrumpf’s embroidered artworks are incredibly realistic.


Underground Wonders of the World: Labyrinths, crypts, catacombs and more

What motivates humankind to burrow deep into the Earth? From London to Paris, Budapest to Moscow, the USA to Australia, here are seven of the most amazing examples in the world. Some were built for military defense or shelter, many are abandoned while others thrive. These amazing images feature tunnels, caverns, labyrinths from seven underground location around the world.

The Incredible Light Art Performance Photography

Light paintings, also known as light drawing or light graffiti, is a photography technique in which exposures are usually made at night or in a darkened room. The images we are featuring here are from Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza, the guys behind LAPP-PRO. The light art performance photography (briefly LAPP) is a one-shot, long time bulb exposure photography, performed additionally with movement of light. LAPP originates on a real-time basis directly in front of the camera, created between opening and closing the shutter. Personally, I really liked LAPP-PRO's photos and hope that you will enjoy them too.

Angelina Jolie glitters at The Tourist Madrid premiere

 OMG! Just when we thought we’d seen every possible hot shade of Angelina Jolie, here comes the late stunner. Here’s Jolie literally scorching the red carpet with her hot presence at the premiere of The Tourist in Madrid, Spain. She looks so hot and adorable! The Tourist may have bombed at the US box office in its opening week, but Jolie is a hit forever. Carry on, Jolie! Check out the gallery after the jump.


Pub Signs Are Almost Like Time Machines...

British Pubs: Signs of the Times

Some locals may even intentionally design ugly signs to keep their beloved pubs to themselves. Sometimes this strategy works, sometimes it leads to... a DRB article. 

First, a little vintage beer-related eye-candy - check out these Labatt's and O'Keefe's Canadian trucks from the 1930s:

Britain’s great military heroes of the Napoleonic Wars -- Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington -- have many pubs named after them, as do significant ships and famous land and sea battles.

Can you believe that all of these are paintings?

You will be amazed to know that these pictures are actually paintings. They are the works of several hyper-realist painters like Roberto Bernardi, Eric Christensen and Steve Mills.
They all started painting when young and after many years of practice they reached a high level of realistic painting. Looking at the paintings, especially the ones with soda cans or candy bars, you will maybe have a hard time believing that it is painted and not photographed.
Realistic painting is to be found as street art as well, represented by these amazing 3D paintings.


Everyday day a new incredible face paint art

 James Kuhn, an incredible artist, is the man behind these unique face paintings. An interesting part about this project is that he paints on his own face, a new mask every day for a year. That is 365 totally different designs, everything from cartoons to his favorite foods. Here you can see some of his mask, that represents a dog, a slice of watermelon, a bird, etc. Kuhn even painted Conan O’Brien on his face.

10 Most Bizarre Contact Sports on Earth

 There are plenty of sports out there, and plenty of weird sports at that. Take Australian Rules Football, for instance, or Boot Tossing. However, there are none in the world as bizarre, as unhinged and downright potty as the 10 sports listed here. Whether you consider the sheer madness of the 'rules' or the troubling levels of injury permitted, all of these sports are more than a little off the wall. So please sit back in your chair, content that you don’t ever have to take part, and join us as we consider the 10 most bizarre contact sports on earth.


42.0 Milestones in the History of Marijuana

People around the world have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years while also using the hemp plant for everything from fabric and rope to ethanol fuel. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, a man with a bit of power and enough determination decided pot was wicked, evil and narcotic. He moved mountains to make it illegal worldwide. In the U.S., the struggle continues to this day to overcome the lies and misconceptions about marijuana that the government spent billions to spread.
Between 1937 and 1947, the government spent $220 million on the war against drugs. Between 1948 and 1963, the cost of this "war" on marijuana alone escalated to $1.5 billion. From 1964 to 1969 the government spent $9 billion on the war against marijuana, a price tag that continues to rise.

City statues decorated in an amusing way

Spanish artist from Madrid that calls himself Spy is creating a different kind of street art than most people are used to. He is making city statues look a bit more interesting by putting a bucket, a paper bag or a ski mask over their heads, a red clown nose on their noses or a pie in their faces. Spy has also managed to give one of the statues red lightning eyes.


Most Evil Propaganda Techniques Used by the Nazis

 Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party (or National Socialist German Worker’s Party) created in the Third Reich the most extreme and terrifying example of a totalitarian regime the world has ever seen. It is often wondered quite how a sophisticated and highly developed 20th century nation was politically overpowered by the Nazis. One answer, and a major factor in the Nazi’s effectiveness as a political force, was that not only did they ruthlessly deploy violence against dissidence, but they also utterly mastered the art of propaganda, fabricating a national ideology around their twisted beliefs. Here we take a look at some of their most evil and insidiously effective propaganda techniques.

Mindblowing Artistry of Marvelous Tattoos

 Decorated the  body has been a habit of humanity for thousands of years, and these decorations can be artistic enough to leave the onlooker gasping in amazement. Often the wearer of the tattoos is making a statement of some sort. Indeed, the very word tattoo is said to stem from the Polynesian word ‘ta’ meaning ‘striking something’ and Tahitian word ‘tatau’ meaning ‘to mark something’.

This Isn’t Your Typical G.I. Joe – Action Figures of Real People

As the holiday season approaches, you might have some children in your life who are asking for Barbies, or Disney Princesses, or Transformers, or Star Wars action figures. Instead of supporting an interest in Barbie (whose physique defies all natural laws), or the princesses (who set feminism back about a gazillion years), or in a franchise that gets lamer and lamer by the moment (I blame it on Jar Jar) why not buy that special someone a historical, literary, or real-life-celebrating action figure instead?
Historical Action Figures
OK, so maybe Alexander the Great wasn’t the NICEST guy in the world, but he was pretty smart and pretty tough.  Maybe he’s a good substitute for a Transformer, or GI Joe (do they even still sell those?).  This toy also comes with battle armor:


10 Most Incredible Snapshots of Sonic Booms

 The sound is deafening. It hits your ears like a thunderclap or a shot. The noise fades and then everything is still as you look around to find the source. Suddenly you see something that shouldn't be there: the sight of a sonic boom. Here are 10 pictures of this amazing phenomenon captured on film.

Amazing Artwork Using Adhesive Tape by Mark Khaisman

 In this post I am presenting some beautiful artwork done by Ukrainian born artist Mark Khaisman using adhesive tape. Mark Khaisman works are large archetypal representational images, made from layer upon layer of translucent packing tape, applied to clear Plexiglas and placed in front of a light box to give the image shadow and depth. He see his tape art as a form of painting. The 2-inch tape acts as a wide brush, and the light behind the panels as an alchemist's luminous blending medium.
So what are you waiting for lets have a look at some of his magnificent work and enjoy it. 


Funny Toilet Signs

Imagine you need to go to toilet and on entrance you see one of these signs…


Richest Hollywood 2010

 Ten richest Hollywood stars who have earned the most money from June 1, 2009 to June 1, 2010. By the photos have captions with the amount earned.
Johnny Depp: $ 75 million; Sandra Bullock: $ 56 million


Surreal Photo Manipulation by Wojciech Grzanka

Wojciech Toast is a brilliant photographer from Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland. Photography is his passion, he is also famous for his surreal photo manipulation works, in this post we have gathered some of his outstanding works for your inspiration.


Vietnam’s Ceramic Road Sets New World Record

Stretching 3.95 kilometers, along Hanoi’s Red River, Ceramic Road has been declared the world’s longest ceramic mural, by the Guinness Book of Records.
Ceramic Road was a massive art project, initiated by artist Nguyen Thu Thuy, out of love and passion for Hanoi, and as a special way to celebrate the city’s 1000th anniversary. She first got the idea for a record-breaking ceramic mural in 2003, when she discovered ancient bricks and ceramics from the Ly dynasty, and other artifacts from the Tran dynasty, at an archeological site. She thought about the long history pf these findings, and decided a mural would best reflect the patterns of Vietnamese history.
Nguyen Thu Thuy reached out to fellow Vietnamese, as well as international artists for help in realizing her dream, and mural masters from all around the world started coming to Hanoi, to leave their mark on Ceramic Road. Some created contemporary design patterns, others used Vietnam’s history as inspiration, and even recreated famous paintings out of ceramic tiles. Nearly 100 artists, from countries like Mexico, Brazil, France, Denmark and many others participated in the creation of Ceramic Road.
The whole thing was completed on September 25, and on October 5, a representative of the Guinness Book of Records inspected Ceramic Road and acknowledged it as the longest mural in the world, spanning over 7,000 square meters. A window into Vietnam’s fascinating history, and an unbelievable artwork, Ceramic Road is set to become one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist attractions.


Using Barbie parts as a jewelry

These days you can buy jewelery in all shapes and colors, but what about wearing Barbie’s body parts as earrings, necklace, etc.? Designer Margaux Lange has made a collection of accessories that contains pieces of the plastic princess, everything from breasts to hands. The designer says that she is “fascinated with who the Barbie is as a cultural icon, her distinguished celebrity status and the enormous impact she has had on our society”.


Ordinary life of ordinary skeletons

Skeletons’ lives have no differences from humans’ lives. Judge for youself..
Skeletons work


Art Pictures- - Find Their Tool

I don’t know whats happening in my country’s capital (Zagreb, Croatia). In last few months Mafia killed some very important people, while officials and the statesmen can’t do nothing about it, except keep promising absurd promises and public safety. Check previous two links for more info. This is shocking, because Zagreb was always a safe city. Don’t want to make negative publicity, but I’m not feeling much safe where I live now. Should think of moving to NY or Monte Carlo in the near future… Well, just wanted to share some of my thoughts. Also, I visited doctor about my 2 week headache, but she insists it’s sinus inflammation. Well, let just hope it stops already. In the mean time here is the last part of “Help Them Find Their Tool” series. If you don’t know what to do, check previous Part I and Part II for explanation and more examples. Logging off..


Astonishing Examples of HDR Photography

Pictures of Heaven
We have discussed about HDR photography in our previous posts also, in this post we have also showcased some of the beautiful examples of HDR Photography. For some people HDR Photography is fun to do while for others it’s a hard job. Many people like this type of photography and some don’t.
The examples of HDR Photography, you’ll find in this post seems to be simply incredible. We can’t do without such flavor of HDR photos. Here is the complete list of 40 most amazing HDR photos I’ve collected for you. Enjoy!


Superb Experimental Artwork

Another post on Charis Tsevis Artworks, he is an Award winning visual designer and illustrator based in the sunny capital of Greece and serving prestigious clients around the globe.
In this post we have gathered some his brilliant Experimental and typographic artworks, we hope that you will like them. 
African Jewel: Experimenting Neocubism



most controversial billboard ads in USA

 10. PETA’s diet plan introduced this huge billboard ad that had the message to lose weight and go vegetarian with the insulting headline “Save the whales”. It drew a lot of attention but mostly in a negative way because it was taken down shortly after it was placed.


Amazing Niagara's Festival of Lights

Niagara Falls is one of the most visited sites in North America, but once a year, thousands of people flock to Niagara, not to see the thunderous falls, but to see the Winter Festival of Lights, Canada's foremost illumination festival.


Snake-Shaped House

 After designing the amazing a few years back, Javier Senosiain strikes again with an even more ingenious architectural project. Located on an irregular piece of land, lined with oak trees and full of caves, some collapsed and some preserved, Quetzalcoatl Nest proved very difficult to complete. Especially if you consider that the designer wasn’t allowed to touch any of the plant life on the premises (which covered 98% of the terrain), and that the small flat surface had to be used as parking space. Under these conditions, Senosiain found an ingenious way of actually making great use of the ravine and came up with a snake-like design for the house.
While it looks like just an Quetzalcoatl Nest is actually somebody’s home. Featuring an original design and sporting some really interesting features that allow its owners to live in perfect harmony with nature, Quetzalcoatl Nest is an architectural example to be followed.


Manipulations That Will Blow Your Mind - - Funny

 Throughout history, great designers always found new ways to show their creativity to express themselves and create new trends and techniques to remark their work apart from the rest of the crowd. Photo manipulation is an art in itself, that requires a skill and precision as we know, it is one of the most creative art.This unique photo gallery shows an amazing collection of photo manipulation art related to nature, photography, objects, illustrations, as well as some abstract and fantasy-related concepts. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting to ignite their creativity.


Deer Antler and Shell Underwear

The artist name is Laura and she is from San Francisco. She makes the most outrageous corsets and bras from deer antlers and shells. She is actually making fun of all the trouble a woman goes to in order to attract a member of the opposite sex.


Creativity of the water tubes

Cool. Creativity of the water tubes


Hitler Buckle-gun

Here is a unique type of weapon - a gun-belt.Such weapons have been created in the 30th years of last century in Nazi Germany.Due to the fact that the area of the buckle pistol was severely limited,special popularity this type of weapons to no avail, and they were released quite a bit.There are two types of buckles, guns - and dvuhstvolnaya Quadruple (7.65 and 5.6 caliber, respectively).When you click on the upper part of the buckle is opened and immediately shot.In other models, after opening the buckle must still pull the trigger.

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