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Huge sculptures of frogs

Against the backdrop of Bath, with its royal lions and Chester with the endangered rhinos rather strange looks Kingston-upon-Hull, who organized the parade ... toads. As it turned out, the huge sculptures of frogs have been installed around the city in honor of the 25-year anniversary of the death of Philip Larkin - one of the most famous poets of Great Britain XX century. One of the works of the author is called "Toads". To admire the huge amphibian can be a period of ten weeks starting from July 17


Beautiful sculptures of snow

Elvis impersonator contest in Israel

On the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley,who died at Graceland in Memphis,Tennessee August 16, 1977.Despite the fact that many years had passed since his death,Elvis remembered and revered throughout the world,annually organizes competitions among people with a superficial resemblance to the king of rock 'n' roll.We present our photos that were taken during a similar competition in the theme cafe, located near Jerusalem.


Yoga - Calendar for 2011

Yoga kittens

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