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Amy Adams – MarieClaire, Jan. 2011

Amazing Chopper Concepts

We present our few works of Russian designer Mikhail Smolyanov aka Solif.


Most Funny GIF Clips

Advertising Campaign Mulberry spring 2011 \ Fashion

Photographer Tim Walker (Tim Walker) took photo shoot for an advertising campaign spring collection Mulberry 2011. Posed for a photo shoot Vixon Lindsey (Lindsey Wixson) and Nimue Smith (Nimue Smit).


Historical portraits of New York in a new light

Not so long ago, Reuel Golden released his new book, "New York, a portrait of the city." The book presents a set of photographs taken Ester Bubble (1921-1998) and Alvin Hofer (1922-2009), tells the story of the largest U.S. city, and there is really rare old photographs, which had not seen anyone.
Suggest taking a look at some of them.

1. 1964: The network of urban roads (Photo by Evelyn Hofer). In the archives of the New York Historical Society can also find plenty of lesser-known images in New York.


10 Discoveries in Archaeology for 2010

Bring to your attention the top 10 most interesting archaeological finds in 2010 according to the magazine "Archaeology"
1. Tomb Hecatomnus of Milas, Turkey.
Tomb Hecatomnus king of Caria (391 Hecatomnus was the father of King Mausolus, whose tomb was one of the seven wonders of the world (the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus). Hecatomnus tomb was discovered by a group of looters who illegally trade in antiques.

Photographer Zorik Istomin \ Creative

Zorik Istomin (Zorik Istomin) - St. Petersburg photographer, designer, artist, writer and musician. Make colorful pictures of their friends and girlfriends. Inspired by hip-hop music.

Festival gingerbread house

At the end of the year in North Carolina, USA, held a traditional festival dedicated to sweets, the so-called National Festival of gingerbread houses.
At the festival in 2010 before the contestants were challenged not only to create a building of sweets, but make it look like any work of architecture past or present.
For example, the contestants have created sweet similarity Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, Coliseum, Big Ben and other well-known throughout the world works.


Prodigious Art on World Globes

 Most people associate world globes with geography classes or boring teachers’ offices. We have pop culture to thank for that. In 80′s and 90′s TV shows, globes could be found lurking in the corners of many a fictitious teacher’s office–far more than actually existed in reality. But globes are no longer as boring as they used to be thanks to artist Wendy Gold. Wendy runs a company called ImagineNationsTM where she makes vintage globes of all varieties.


Picture Of The Day

Adorable Owl in Knit Hat
Oh no! This owl is a reminder that, even though the fun parts of winter are over, we still have at least two more annoying months of winter ahead of us! Time to start buying fancy hats!


5 Solar Eclipses Expected in 2026

 The history of viewing gravity-related phenomena when solar eclipses occur is lengthy, and the narratives surrounding an eclipse's "totality" are even more substantial.
The moon moving between the earth and the sun represents the occurrence of a solar eclipse, with the moon covering the sun either fully or partially. This happens only during a new moon when the sun and the moon's orbits are linked. In 2026, it is estimated that five eclipses will occur, but only two of those eclipses will be true total eclipses. Total eclipses are rare in that their totality exists only through the progression of a thin course along the earth's surface delineated by the moon's umbra. 

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