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Extraordinary Skateboards You’ll Ride on Someday

 If you do not wish to barter for the unusual, all you will have to settle for is the usual. Yes, it does require an unusual mind to figure out what can be done with the ordinary, but to make that extraordinary it actually requires a lot more. Getting that extraordinary out of their rather uncanny minds, designers often deliver concepts beyond usual, skateboards have also been tinkered with. We’ve rolled over the conventionally made skateboards, but then you wouldn’t mind a glance through some out of the ordinary skateboards that we may get to ride on someday. Here is a list of 10 such skateboards that you can treat your eyes upon after the jump. 


5 Very Lucky People

“Why yes, I hear Darfur is quite lovely this time of year.”
There’s no way to prove that luck as we know it exists. Most people believe it out of superstition or firsthand experience with improbable odds. With experiences like the following, it becomes much harder to disprove.

Weird Celebrity Phobias: Stars Scared Silly

We’ve all got that one phobia that scares us straight, so it’s not surprising that some of today’s most famous faces have fears of their own - with a few of them being pretty ridiculous.
Pizza and clowns are just a few of the random phobias that could make a star cringe. Go through the article to find out more about celebrity phobias.


7 Coolest ‘Weird Buildings’

Designing a weird building is pretty simple: choose a form in which buildings are not usually built (a top hat, a strawberry, male genitalia etc) and then build that building. It has come to the point that most of us are not phased anymore by weird, unusual structures, but even so, there still are a few interesting architectural choices out there which will stop you in your tracks and make you nod your head while going “Yeah, that’s pretty cool.” For example:

Stone House (Fafe Mountains, Portugal)
The Stone House is one of the most famous “weird houses” on the internet and for good reasons. One of those reasons is “FREAKING LOOK AT IT MAN!” It’s a house made from stone, in case the name confused you. Well, actually it’s a house made from two huge boulders linked together with cement and an imagination that rivals that of a bed ridden child with cancer.

Giant Reptiles of the Mesozoic seas

Temnodontozavr, who lived about 200 million years ago, had the eyes of a unique size. Their diameter was equal to 26 centimeters for almost two-meter size of the skull of this dinosaur.

Zoe Kravitz in an advertising campaign Eleven Paris spring 2011

22-year-old daughter of Lenny Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz) and actress Lisa Bonet (Lisa Bonet) Zoe Kravitz (Zoe Kravitz) took part in an advertising campaign of French fashion label Eleven Paris Spring 2011. The author of the photo shoot was made by Sune Czajkowski.


Ten Recycled Ship Houses

Old ships are far too beautiful and far too useful to send them to the junkyard. In fact, recycled ships can make for some stunning homes!
Ships can be floating houses and houses sometimes can be ships. But, if you mix the two and recycle ships into houses, you can expect some unusual and beautiful results. We found seven amazing examples from around the world.

5 Controversies Too Dumb To Be Outraged About

People love to be outraged; it’s a simple fact of life. Outrage makes us feel powerful, like we actually have something important to say, as opposed to what we usually say (the question to Final Jeopardy, which we’re often wrong about anyway.)
Sometimes, however, we pool our outrage into things that may initially seem controversial but, after a second glance, are just too asinine and pointless to truly care about. Consider this a guide to thinking things through before you go getting hot and bothered over.

These four alien-whatevers were very popular among extremely young children and extremely high adults for many years, despite rarely saying anything close to an actual word and almost never doing anything interesting. It was the kids’ show equivalent of waving car keys in front of a kitten while making chikachikachikachikachika sounds at it.
You are now dumber for having looked at this picture.


Strange and Bizarre Creatures

Human beings seek out the strange and unusual in books, movies, television, video games, and comic books. We dive headfirst into the worlds of C.S. Lewis, of Lewis Carrol, of Tolkien, of World of Warcraft, of superheroes, delighting in the magical things those skilled authors managed to think up. Sometimes we forget that the world we live in is just as weird, magical, and bizarre as the worlds we escape to.
Take, for instance, some of the amazing creatures that exist in our world. 
Glass Frog
I know we already included a frog on this list, but come on!  You can SEE THROUGH this one!  How totally awesome/bizarre is that?  There are technical names and all that stuff, but you can look it up.  I don’t want to diminish the magic of SEE-THROUGH-FROGS!

Interesting Mauser pistol

In Russia the first Mauser appeared in 1897 under the title "Mauser in the block"or "Mauser number 2. " Mauser number 1 "was called a pocket model of the 6.35-mm pistol. In Russia since 1913 Mouser consisted in service for pilots of airplanes and automobile and motorcycle parts.
 Most popular in Russia Mauser acquired after the revolution, thanks to a British aid Whiteguard parts of a large number of these guns fall into the hands Basmachi. In 1922-1930gg. for the Cheka-OGPU and Red Army had been purchased a large quantity of 7.63 mm Mauser, these guns were very popular among the Bolsheviks. In the west, they even got the name "Bolo-Mauser (Mauser Bolshevik).


After Death Enjoyment

Cruisin Caskets company gave motorists the opportunity to become closer to their objects of adoration, even after death. No matter how terrible it is and simultaneously ironic in relation to it, the idea enjoys considerable success.
Caskets offered by the company in the form of cars of different models, ranging from classic cars 50's to modern, for the manufacture of fiberglass is applied. Besides, buying in advance of such a thing, it can be used as a refrigerator for drinks.
However, it is unlikely each time pulling out a can of beer, even the most zealous motorist will be pleasing to the idea that in future the same refrigerator would serve him the coffin.

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