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The Production Of Cannabis Cigarettes

To many of you pot smokers out there you will absolutely love this collection of photos. I mean just looking at the weed will probably put you into a small tizzy. However, as we keep progressing with this legalized marijuana thing, these photos might become more of the norm than in the minority.
Welcome to Medi-Cone, a cannabis factory and garden in Marin County. Medi-Cone produces marijuana cigarettes to satisfy Californians' current medical pot demands.
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6 Ancient Sports Which Fortunately Has Gone Missing

Today, there are a large number of completely insane sports, but in the old days, too, was than to brag. Or something scared.It only remains to be glad that some games have sunk into oblivion - and their long forgotten.So this is - just a history lesson.

Flowers Of The People

Selected kreaktivnyh colors of people. This is a series of amazing photographs mounted from human figures, hands, feet and other body parts.


Plasma Rifle A3-21 from Fallout 3

 Every admirer Fallout 3 will enjoy this self-made plasma rifle A3-21 from the game Fallout.


Under Ice

 While still a boy, Eric Guth (Eric Guth) was fascinated by the grandeur and beauty of glaciers. Later, the children's passion into a professional occupation - Eric became a photographer has traveled the world, removing the ice.
During filming, Eric can live for several days in the glaciers, at subzero temperatures to 20 degrees, but no natural conditions do not interfere with his work.
Efforts and the efforts of the photographer gave the world a lot of beautiful photos from the glacier surface and covered with ice from different parts of the world.


The Magic Of Wax

Can not distinguish the original from the sculpture? Look at the background;) In general, some wax figures have turned out more beautiful than the originals


A new standard of luxury. Project apartment building Eliza from Tony Owen

 A new standard of luxury. Project apartment building Eliza from Tony Owen Partners
The new apartment building Eliza, whose construction will be completed in 2012 the year of Elizabeth Street, Sydney (Australia), will have unique architectural features and technological characteristics. It is assumed that this elegant home will become the new standard of luxury and contemporary design on the Australian continent

And do you follow the technical state of your computer?

 I suggest to look at a few examples of what happens when it all comes down to the commonplace wiping the system case of dust. I'll start with the "EASY" - In this state of repair received approximately 89% of "sick", this is for a seed.

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