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Funny socks

I think these are really funny socks n every body will find his socks.


The Effects of Body Odor on the Human Brain and Body

 "Ew! What's that smell? "How many times have you said that? How many moments have you also had where a smell can take you back to a special memory embedded in your brain? Scent is a strong, yet subtle motivation among human beings and in this article, we will discover more about odors and smells and how they affect us.
Our bodies produce pheromones, natural chemical scents that help us communicate with others that are nearby. Yes, communicate. Before the days of perfume, deodorant, soap and anything that covers our natural body odor besides the simple task of taking showers constantly, our pheromones were a huge part of how we communicated with one another. We still do, however, the connection may not be as strong as it once was because of all the other scents masking our natural odors.


Creative Uses of Doors in Advertising

To convey a message it is very important to know “How” to reach your target audience. In these advertisements you will see how the agencies are using elevator doors, restaurant doors and other shopping mall doors to reach their target audience.
Superman, The Movie: Elevator


Drunk Snowman

Natasha Poly in prints and a new color

V Magazine photo shoot released Vanderperre Willy (Willy Vanderperre) with a transformation of Natasha Poly (Natasha Poly). In this photo shoot model in addition to starring wear Versace, Christopher Kane, Celine, Jil Sander, Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere, Miu Miu, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Giorgio Armani and Prada. The good old blonde Natasha, who will not spoil the furrow, where are you? Replaced the blonde came to a dark chestnut hair color. In my opinion, for it can not see most of Natasha. And what you like about Paulie: a white or black?

Illustrator Fran Recacha

Rekacha Fran (Fran Recacha) was born in Barcelona in 1976. He graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona. In his illustration combines images of mythical and fairy-tale characters with images of the modern world.


Graffiti Castle in Scotland

Kelburn castle is prominently located on the west coast of Scotland, 35 miles west of Glasgow, overlooking the sea. Parts of the building are in need of repair, but funds have recently been secured to begin an extensive restoration, that includes the removal of the external render, allowing the opportunity to use the present surface as a vast temporary canvas. This has inspired the idea for this once in a lifetime project and an opportunity to be part of a truly unique and original event that has world wide media potential. It is thought to be the oldest castle in Scotland to have been continuously inhabited by the same family.

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