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Very Cool Conformal Images...

These images are very cool. From what I understand about them it requires a photo to be manipulated in a photo editing program in order to create the conformal mapping. Think of it as an infinite view of the same image within itself. kind of like standing in between two mirrors while tripping on acid. Does that help? Check out more amazing photos from Josh Summers!


Ceramic Hooligans Barnaby Barforda ...

In London, opened a joint exhibition Barforda Barnaby (Barnaby Barford), and Hawkins, Alice (Alice Hawkins), which presents ceramic sculptures of fairy characters mixed with hooligans.Modern sculpture complemented photographs of Alice Hawkins).The exhibition called «The Good, The Bad, The Belle».


Lessons In The Plane...

In one English school children made the gift. Fuselage decommissioned aircraft set in the courtyard of the school and now there will be a geography lesson. By the way, my grandmother's house for once the plane was written off. At first there was a restaurant, and then just played the children.


UnderWorld Life...

Beautiful Creatures Under The Sea,Glorifying Their Creator....

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