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Amsterdam.Coffee Shops

Starbucks, Coffee House and Chocolate Girl - not competitors coffef shops of Amsterdam.
Not because the coffee shop and menu kofeshopa differ (astral cake - amazing chocolate cake - is not distinguishable from the normal), but because the mass flow and profit is not suitable fo coffee shop.
Coffee shop in Amsterdam - a cozy, suitable place, no crime, a lot of retirees - all from home.
Activities regulated the coffee shops «Opium Law» controlled drug Dutch police.
For insurance you always warned about the unpredictable effects of drugs and asked not to smoke too much (not to sell to one person more than 5 grams of herb);
Similar establishments in Amsterdam, hundreds (about 750), respectively, the competition between them exists.New coffe shop may not appear until some old not close.
While the owners, I'm sure, to spit on the competition.
Each kofeshop unique, not found two identical.
The Bulldog - the first and most famous Coffee Shop of Amsterdam (founded in 1975).

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