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6 Ancient Sports Which Fortunately Has Gone Missing

Today, there are a large number of completely insane sports, but in the old days, too, was than to brag. Or something scared.It only remains to be glad that some games have sunk into oblivion - and their long forgotten.So this is - just a history lesson.

The ancient Greeks are known not only by the creation of Western civilization, but also the invention of tough games, "pankration, which, however, can be considered as progress in a horrific list togdanih" games. "This was very similar to a modern mix of martial arts, except that there were no rules, rounds, breaks.We had to get close to the enemy so close, to gain control over it.At this stage, should apply strokes, seizures, obhvatyvaniya and other techniques that would force the opponent to surrender.
This sport even entered in the Olympics of the ancient world, and athletes have developed many techniques and methods.
"Corrida" with elephants
This game was played in 1954 by. Rome. The so-called "venation" players had to be brought before a monster called "Beast of Carthage.In fact, it was the elephants.
In addition to the fact that it was necessary to fight with elephants, each slave (and played it captured slaves) knew that the survival probability does not exceed two percent.Well, with interest, we, perhaps, gone too far: where slaves were aware of the percentage.Whatever it was, it was the deadly gladiatorial game.The Romans played the game so frequently that the North African elephants are under threat of extinction
Tug skins 
Tug of war - one of the oldest games played so far.The rope can be pulled through the different obstacles: a swamp pond.But no one has thought to pull it across the pit of fire.And the Vikings guessed.Instead of ropes were then used animal skins.Again, vague fate losers: in some versions, they could easily become victims of militancy Vikings.
Even before the official football game of ancient Mexico was a strange game, which the Maya called the Pitz. In some embodiments, it is called Mesoamerican ball game.Played almost like a football (although the rules of, by and large, remained unknown), and the role played ball a hefty bowl (about 4 kg), rolled out a kind of rubber.
Points are awarded for attacking the enemy's wall and were shot when the ball touched the ground more than two times.Earn the respect of the public, and even win in the end could any team.For this purpose it was necessary to throw the ball over the "vertical rim that was on an incredible height.The winners went to celebrate and the losers ... Here opinions diverge. Historians believe that sometimes the game takes ritual: it was part of a ceremony of sacrifice to ancient gods ... Although it is difficult to say who exactly chose a victim: the winners or losers.Now the game has become more civilized and peaceful character.It is called the "ulama".
Tournament fishermen  
The game was the fact that 8 guys dropped into a fishing boat and sailed down the Nile.Then they started to fight: in the middle of a river.The battle was very fierce: Diagrams of wounds did not manage as well as without falling overboard.Hard to believe, but many of those days fishermen, not something that ordinary people could not swim ... So many simply drowned ... And do not forget about the crocodiles and hippos, which immediately appeared when the boat began screaming and in the water appeared a little blood.As you know, animals also contributes to this game, which is very difficult uglyadet even a small fraction of common sense.
This game is a sea battle, but with these ships.

It's pretty simple.The Romans made a kind of amphitheater with water, and these ships that were supposed to fight in this battle.The Romans called the game navmahiya, which translated means "warfare with the use of naval forces.Number of participants reached several thousand, and all occurred in almost the same as in real battle.
Find thousands of men ready to fight on these ships was not easy, so many of them probably were slaves, as is the case with gladiatorial fights ... And, in general, it is unclear why it was set up such a spectacle, considering the number of ancient wars.Was quite possible to sell tickets and to those battles.But apparently, the public demanded a different ...

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