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Golden Kelly Osbourne

A month ago, we enthusiastically beheld photo Kelly Osbourne before and after weight loss. The results - staggering:) Personally, I still do not quite understand how she managed to so dramatically change the image the better.
Now , thinner and prettier Kelly Osbourne has decided to demonstrate the charms of her new figure.The singer co-starred in a candid photo shoot,where her body is covered with only a luxurious gold paint and small panties.

Golden Kelly Osbourne appears as a friend of James Bond film "Goldfinger" - Jill Masterson, which is covered with paint in this film.
Of course, during a photo shoot Kelly did not suffer because use a secure solution for the skin.
In addition, frank photography dedicated to the 26-th anniversary of the singer.
After losing weight I feel much more confident before the camera - told Kelly. - I switched to healthy food in my house no more room chips!
Well, we can only rejoice Kelly and her successes. Predicting the imminent publication of her book "How I lost weight?"

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