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Hand-Knitted Home Raises Charity

 A compact 140 sq ft Gingerbread House constructed with millions of stitches is presently on its tour to UK. The house has managed to earn around $40,000 for charity. Featured above this house doesn’t look less than an installed masterpiece inviting eyeballs and the credit for this goes to its woven furniture and household goods viz. bed, dresser, chairs, pictures and tables.

Going beyond your wild imagination, the stove and breakfast in the scorching pan are also hand-knitted followed by household eatables like sweets, cakes and biscuits. The beauty of the house resides in its magnificent garden absolute with wool flora. The house is known to be the brainchild of 45-year-old knitting aficionado Alison Murray, from Devon, who controlled the team of knitters to design this bizarre domicile.
The Gingerbread House is anticipated to reach the Aintree pavilion, at Aintree racecourse as a part of a show scheduled for 25-27 April. The idea behind the show, which is a part of a national tour, is to generate cash for Great Ormond Street hospital, in London.

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