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Historical portraits of New York in a new light

Not so long ago, Reuel Golden released his new book, "New York, a portrait of the city." The book presents a set of photographs taken Ester Bubble (1921-1998) and Alvin Hofer (1922-2009), tells the story of the largest U.S. city, and there is really rare old photographs, which had not seen anyone.
Suggest taking a look at some of them.

1. 1964: The network of urban roads (Photo by Evelyn Hofer). In the archives of the New York Historical Society can also find plenty of lesser-known images in New York.

2. 1877: Children playing on the beach of Coney Island. (George Bradford Brainerd (Brooklyn Museum / Brooklyn Public Library)

3. 1907: The British passenger liner returned from his first voyage. At that time it was the largest ocean liner in the world. Until his death in 1915 by a German torpedo hit, "Lusitania" managed to make a 202 flight from Liverpool - New York.
4. 1907: Delancey Street (photo by Eugene de Salignac (from the New York Municipal Archives). This street has always been famous for great discounts at clothing stores. a large poster in the picture, too, promises buyers a large discount.
5. 1927: One of the archival photos taken by an unknown author.
6. Construction of the Empire State Building on Manhattan Island. This 102-storey building for 40 years was not only the tallest skyscraper in New York, but throughout the world. The picture was taken about 1930
(Lewis Hine (George Eastman House)).
7. 1937: a snapshot from the municipal archives in New York, owned by an unknown author.
8. 1946.: that evening at a bar on the Bowery fun women only. During the Great Depression in this area were built many nochlezhek. (Photo by Erica Stone).

9. Beginning of 1950. A man with a book on one of the city benches. Photo of Esther bubble.

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