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Top-20 National Flags of The Original

20. Uganda
In the center of the flag is a white circle with an image of a national symbol - the eastern crowned crane, looking toward the flagpole. Three colors represent the African people (black), the African sun (yellow) and African brotherhood (red - the color of blood that unites all human beings).
19. Zimbabwe 
Green flag symbolizes agriculture and rural areas of Zimbabwe. Yellow - minerals that rich countries. Red symbolizes the blood shed during the war for independence, black - ethnic identity of indigenous African peoples of Zimbabwe, and white - the world. "Zimbabwe Bird" (carved out of soapstone statue, found in the ruins of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe) recalls the history of Zimbabwe, the red star of the revolutionary struggle.
18. Seychelles
Blue color symbolizes the sky and the sea that surrounds the Seychelles, yellow - the sun, which provides a lightness of being, the red color shows the unity of the people and their desire to work for peace, unity and love, white is the rule of law, green - the land and surrounding wildlife .
17. Marshall Islands
The blue color symbolizes the Pacific Ocean. Orange - courage and bravery. White - peace. Star represents the Christian cross, and its 24 rays - the number of electoral districts (4 of them major - Majuro, Ebeye, and Dzhaluit Vautier).
16. Kambozhda     
The blue color of the flag symbolizes the monarchical power, red - the people, white - religion (Buddhism and Brahmanism). The temple of Angkor Wat symbolizes the universe, supreme divine power and royal power (according to Cambodian tradition, the monarch is the mediator between gods and humans). Thus, the central symbol of the flag means a triad - Religion, Nation, King.
15. Antigua and Barbuda
Rising sun symbolizes the dawning of a new era. Black color indicates the African roots of inhabitants. Red symbolizes the energy of the people. Consistent color - yellow, blue and white (down from the sun) - sun, sea and sand. Blue - a symbol of hope, but also symbolizes the Caribbean Sea. V-shape - a symbol of victory.
14. Burundi
Colors of the flag symbolize the struggle for independence (red), hope (green) and peace (white). Three stars represent the national motto: "Unity. Work. Progress ".
13. South Korea     
White is the national color of Korea. The central emblem reflects the views of the universe as a whole (Taoism) in this figure are two opposing energy "yin" and "yang" together and interact. At the corners are trigrams, which also consists of "yin" (broken bars) and "yang" (solid bars). Trigram means (off the top of the shaft clockwise): the sky, south, summer, and air, the moon, west, autumn, water, earth, north, winter, and the earth, the sun, east, spring, and fire. Black color means vigilance, fortitude, justice and chastity.
12. Canada 
The flag symbolizes the two oceans, washing the shores of Canada - Pacific and Atlantic - and concluded between them the country. Maple Leaf has to stress the unity of the nation. Red - Color of the Cross of St George symbolizes the UK. White - the color of the French monarchy.
According to one legend, the maple leaf became the symbol of Canada under the following circumstances. In 1860 the country was first visited by the Prince of Wales. In Toronto, was expected to meet the distinguished guest. The population of the city is ready to welcome the Prince their national symbols. For example, British immigrants brought the roses, the Scottish - the branch of thistle (the symbol of Scotland). However, for the children of immigrants born in Canada, the symbol-plants was not found, because the only Canadian symbol was the beaver. However, in the late 1830's, St. John the Baptist society in Quebec has adopted as a symbol of their society maple leaf. Its a bear and offered to Canadians at a meeting with the Prince of Wales.
11. Macedonia
The flag is a red flag with the image of a yellow sun with eight radiating. He represents "a new sun of liberty" is sung in the national anthem of Macedonia. 
10. Grenada  
Yellow symbolizes the sun over Grenada and the friendliness of its citizens, green - agriculture, red - the harmony, unity and courage. The seven stars represent the seven administrative units of Grenada. On a flag placed nutmeg cultivation which is the backbone of Grenada. Besides, the Grenada is one of the world's leading producers of nutmeg.
9. Zambia
The green color symbolizes the natural wealth. Red symbolizes the blood shed for independence Zambia. Black represents the people of Zambia. Orange symbolizes the country's wealth in mineral resources (mainly copper). White-crier embodies the rise of the Zambian people over state issues.
8. Cyprus
One of the few flags of the world where the card is used area. The orange color indicates the rich deposits of copper, found in Cyprus as early as 3000 BC. er. Under the image of the island are two branches of an olive tree that embodies both ethnic groups living in Cyprus - Greeks and Turks.
7. Kiribati     
The red color symbolizes the sky. The blue color symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, which houses the island country. The three white stripes represent the three island groups in the country: the Gilbert Islands, Phoenix and Line. The rising sun symbolizes the tropical sun, as Kiribati is located on both sides of the equator. 17 sun symbolize the 16 islands in the archipelago of the Gilbert Islands and Banaba. Frigate symbolizes power, freedom and cultural dance of Kiribati.
6. Butane
Depicted on the flag of the dragon symbolizes the local Tibetan name of Bhutan - Land of Dragon. He is holding in the talons of precious stones, which symbolize wealth. Yellow field symbolizes the theocratic monarchy, and orange - the Buddhist religion.
5. Brazil
Flag of Brazil is green cloth with a yellow diamond in the center. Inside the diamond is a dark blue circle with 27 white stars. Circle crossed by a ribbon with the national motto of Brazil - «Ordem e Progresso» (with port. "Order and Progress"). Green and yellow - the national colors of Brazil. Green symbolizes the rich forests of Amazonia, and yellow - gold reserves: in XVI-XIX centuries in Brazil is the world's largest gold mine. The arrangement of stars on the flag represents the sky over Rio de Janeiro on the morning of 9 hours 22 minutes 43 seconds, 15 November 1889 - at the time of the proclamation of the Brazilian republic. Each of the 26 states and the Federal District, has its own star. 
4. Papua - New Guinea
Five stars - a constellation of the Southern Cross, the red and black colors are traditional for the art of Papuans, and the bird of paradise, depicted flying, found almost exclusively in New Guinea.
3. Switzerland
Unlike most other state flags, the flag of Switzerland is in the form of a square. Comes from the coat of arms of the canton of Schwyz (one of the three cantons that formed the Swiss Confederation in 1291, along with Uri and Untervaldenom).
2. Nepal         
The only non-rectangular national flag and one of two non-rectangular flags of sovereign entity (the other - the flag of Ohio, USA). The flag is a simplified combination of the two branches of the pennants Rana dynasty - the last ruler of the country. The blue color of the border of the flag symbolizes peace, and dark red - the national color of Nepal. Two royal symbol represents the hope that Nepal will continue to exist as long as the sun and the moon. 
1. Libya
At present, the world's only single-color national flag, without any additional details, drawings, inscriptions, etc. The green color of the flag symbolizes Islam the state religion of the country, as well as the "Green Revolution Muammar Gaddafi. 

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