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Kim Kardashian & royal wedding

Hours after news broke of Kim Kardashian's engagement to Kris Humphries after about six months of dating, her little sister Khloe predicted a monstrous, royal bash for her sister. 30.
"It's going to be royal wedding number two," Khloe, 26, told E! News Wednesday. "I could only imagine Kim having the hugest wedding."
Khloe, of course, has been happily married to Lamar Odom for about a year and a half, and she knows that her sister has already dealt with one agonizing decision: Her maid of honor.
She said Kim, 30, will do what she did at her nuptials and give both Khloe and Kourtney, 32, the special title. "I made both of them my maid of honor," Khloe said. "You can't choose."
One major difference between Kim and Khloe's special day? Mom Kris Jenner told Us Weekly: "She's giving me more than nine days to plan a wedding like Khloe so fabulously did!"
Adder Jenner, "Kim will have more to do with this one. She has time. She's going to plan it out. She has a definite, specific thing that she has in her mind I'm sure. It's been so fast and furious that she hasn't discussed it with us."
"Kim has always been a hopeless romantic," Khloe told Us. "She thinks she is a Disney character, like everything is a great love story. It's so sweet and cute. It's just Kim. I feel like she is very much in love with love."

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