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most controversial billboard ads in USA

 10. PETA’s diet plan introduced this huge billboard ad that had the message to lose weight and go vegetarian with the insulting headline “Save the whales”. It drew a lot of attention but mostly in a negative way because it was taken down shortly after it was placed.

 9. Another ad PETA did included the sex scandal of Tiger Woods.
 8. Unhappy with the health care bill and how things were done in the White House, Ellis Miller from Texas made this Obama billboard to use his freedom of speech and show his disappointment.
 7. This ad for Thomas B. funeral homes & crematory is a bit over the top, but the message is pretty clear though.
 6. The Weatherproof Garment Company never asked Obama for permission to use a press photo of him wearing a weatherproof jacket on their ad, but still they placed it in Times Square.
 5. From far away it looks like the woman from Robbins Diamonds ad is giving you the finger, but at second glance you will see that she is showing her naked ring finger with the charming slogan “She’s tired of waiting”.
 4. Using $250 000 for a billboard to prove a love affair is maybe a little too much, but not for YaVaughnie Wilkins who wanted everybody to know about the 8 and a half year long affair she had with Obama‘s advisor Charles Phillips.
 3. Since love affairs for married couples are common these days, why not make a dating site for it?

 2. This billboard was meant to help Republicans, but both the Republicans and Democrats thought that using a picture of the burning World Trade Center was inappropriate.
1. Another funeral company has shocked many because of its rudeness when picking out the location for their billboard ad.

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