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I don’t know whats happening in my country’s capital (Zagreb, Croatia). In last few months Mafia killed some very important people, while officials and the statesmen can’t do nothing about it, except keep promising absurd promises and public safety. Check previous two links for more info. This is shocking, because Zagreb was always a safe city. Don’t want to make negative publicity, but I’m not feeling much safe where I live now. Should think of moving to NY or Monte Carlo in the near future… Well, just wanted to share some of my thoughts. Also, I visited doctor about my 2 week headache, but she insists it’s sinus inflammation. Well, let just hope it stops already. In the mean time here is the last part of “Help Them Find Their Tool” series. If you don’t know what to do, check previous Part I and Part II for explanation and more examples. Logging off..

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