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Interesting Mauser pistol

In Russia the first Mauser appeared in 1897 under the title "Mauser in the block"or "Mauser number 2. " Mauser number 1 "was called a pocket model of the 6.35-mm pistol. In Russia since 1913 Mouser consisted in service for pilots of airplanes and automobile and motorcycle parts.
 Most popular in Russia Mauser acquired after the revolution, thanks to a British aid Whiteguard parts of a large number of these guns fall into the hands Basmachi. In 1922-1930gg. for the Cheka-OGPU and Red Army had been purchased a large quantity of 7.63 mm Mauser, these guns were very popular among the Bolsheviks. In the west, they even got the name "Bolo-Mauser (Mauser Bolshevik).
Mauser C-96 (Mauser K-96), the legendary weapon, heavy, powerful gun, developed by brothers Mauser.The pistol was designed in 1893 by brothers Federle, who worked at weapons factory at the other brothers Mauser. Until two years they have spent on completion of a new model of automatic handgun, even when part of Paul Mauser. Since the owner of the arms factory was the Mauser design Federle was patented in the name of Paul Mauser, first in Germany (September 11, 1895), and a year in the UK (1896).Serial production of the gun began in 1897, a baptism of fire Mauser received during the first Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). The military, he soon gained recognition and success. Until 1908 was produced 70,000 pistols .
The distinctive design features Mauser C-96 were adjustable rear sight, bolt, hidden in the receiver, block design trigger (trigger mechanism) made by the front of the trigger guard box store, with hinged lid, placed "on the rifle, staggered placement rounds. Included with the gun was a wooden holster that could be used as the butt, making Mauser in a light carbine. Especially for the Mauser, based on the cartridge 7.65 "Borchardt was developed cartridge 7,63 × 25" Mauser.

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