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City of Future Takes Green Living to Extreme

Welcome to city of future
Welcome to the city of the future. Tianjin is China's first eco-city, designed by the Surbana Urban Planning Group, and is set to be completed in 2020

Community will and will
The sustainable community will encompass 30 square kilometers and will take advantage of energy-saving technologies like wind and solar power, as well as rainwater recycling.
City will be built
The city will be built for an estimated 350,000 residents, who can choose to live in environments such as the sun-powered Solarscape or the greenery-filled
Solarscape will be civic center
The Solarscape will be the civic center. Located on the waterfront, the area will feature a floating stage for public events
Dense Urbanscape is at core of city
The dense Urbanscape is at the core of the city. Buildings connected by sky bridges will reduce the need for cars.
View of Urbanscape
Another view of the Urbanscape, which makes use of vertical space.
Earthscape is residential, suburban place
The Earthscape is the residential, suburban place to live. The stepped architecture maximizes public and green space.
Windscape corridor
The Windscape corridor. The city will be serviced by an advanced light-rail system.

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