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Weaponry Museum AK-47

Which only museums do not open. Among the most interesting museums of weapons allocated a museum dedicated to the AK-47 (Kalashnikov).
Its opening was held on November 4, 2004 in Izhevsk. In addition to models of the famous weapons in the museum you can find records of the biography of General Kalashnikov, the creator of the actual AK-47, as well as documents relating to misuse of his invention. Muzets attracts more than 10,000 people a month.
Kalashnikov museum serves as a monument to Russian this weapon. Here you can find out how simple pictures of AK-47 and see the eyes on the big plasma screens, how tests are conducted weapons. You can study the materials, which tells about the life of Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov, the process of developing such weapons.
Hope Vechtomova, museum director, said in an interview that the museum is designed to chtogo to pay tribute to the inventor, as well as to visitors to distinguish the notion of weapons - as the murder weapon and weapons - as a miracle of modern technology.

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