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Where to Go in 2011?

Bothered by Turkey and Egypt? Want new sensations? Want new sensations? Go to one of the countries listed below and your vacation will be unforgettable in every sense.

1. Santiago, Chile. This city, whose attraction little sway because of seismic activity, would not allow some kind of an earthquake outshine their thriving contemporary music, art and culinary masterpieces.
2. The island of San Haun, Washington. On the verdure-covered hills are seen receding hairline bar areas. On the verdure-covered hills are seen receding hairline bar areas. But nature still wins.
3. Koh Samui, Thailand. Balanced version of Phuket with a bias in the luxury and delicacies.
4. Iceland. Where the country loses, there are tourists.
5. Milan. Restored churches, plus a super-trendy galleries and hotels.
6. Republic of Georgia. Pristine wonderland for lovers of skiing is full of pleasant surprises.
7. London. By the beginning of the summer Olympic season in 2012 the city plans to open numerous new hotels and restaurants.
8. Loreto, Mexico. Away from the hustle and bustle of big cities beaches, historic architecture and sport fishing will satisfy all tastes.
9. Park City, Utah, USA. In addition to the festival is the place boasts many guest houses with designer interiors.
10. Cali, Colombia. Day - themed cafe, and at night - an incendiary salsa.
11. Danube. New cruises from Budapest to the Black Sea along the legendary river.
12. Niseko, Japan. Apartments for all tastes and income from luxury to economy class.
13. Oahu. This is the most lived-Hawaiian island with the sea recreation and entertainment for which such a long journey worth taking.
14. Antwerp, Belgium. A new generation of chic boutiques make the city a dream shopaholic.
15. Melbourne, Australia. Sparkling hotels and restaurants with brand names makes this place worthy of attention.
16. Tlemcen, Algeria. The early Islamic city was transformed into the new millennium.
17. Gdansk, Poland. This city on the Polish Baltic coast has always attracted lovers of all-night parties and football fans.
18. Hyderabad, India. The greatness of ancient dynasties in the heart of modern India.
19. Manchester, England. Industrial city still remembers its glorious musical past.
20. Tallinn, Estonia. Beautiful capital is committed to break with its post-Soviet past, more and more becoming like a typical European city.
21. The island of Fogo, Newfoundland. Abode of the people in the arts flourishing in the remote rugged shores.
22. Singapore. Armed with new recreational and casinos, the city steadily gaining popularity among tourists.
23. Port Ghalib, Egypt. Sandy beaches and clear water, which frolic offshore residents - that's where you can escape from the daily bustle.
24. Whistler, British Columbia. Olympians have departed, but the city remained. So now you can safely go there without fear of crowds.
25. Guimaraes, Portugal. The city is particularly attracted the younger generation for its exhibitions of modern art.
26. Olympic Park, Washington, USA. Bad weather is good for lovers of skiing and stare at the storm.
27. Dresden, Germany. The new museum is paving the way for the future of historic cities.
28. Oualidia, Morocco. In the lagoon, Morocco you are waiting for oysters and flamingos, and most importantly - no crowds of people.
29. Zanzibar. On the African island you will meet luxury hotels, surrounded by safari parks.
30. Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Ranch in the historic villages offer a charge of rustic chic.
31. Tozeur, Tunisia. In the middle of the Sahara Desert is an oasis that draws tourists camel racing, environmentally healthy and apartment markets, as in the tales of 1001 nights.
32. Hangzhou, China. Just an hour's drive from Shanghai pitched their possession a five-star historic gem Celestial Empire.
33. Iraqi Kurdistan. Security, historical attractions and warm weather - this is truly an oasis of stability in a turbulent Iraq.
34. Dyurkhem, North Carolina, USA. Walking through the city center under the slogan "food is worth the candle. "
35. Kosovo. Mountains, medieval architecture and full of surprises nightlife.
36. PiƱa, China. Traditional architecture of the Ming is not a force push even newfangled trends.
37. Thessaloniki, Greece. Despite the country's economic problems, new art thrives.
38. Okinawa, Japan. Japanese version of the Amazon with some hints of luxury.
39. Budapest. White walls of the city stands majestically over the embankment.
40. Miami. The city beaches and art it is time to great music.

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